Nurse Landscaping & Tech Design Inc 
Our Duty is to Provide a very High Quality Service. We will Design and make your Home front a very Special place to come home to, and also to provide that relaxing Environment for both family and friends to enjoy.  5197816332


Welcome to the Nurse Lanscaping information page. We are the premier provider of Landscaping and Design. Our goal is to provide the best in Landscaping and design tech. Because our quality control standards are high, our Staff are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver  the best quality service . We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a SHORT / COMPLETE list of our services.


Lawn Care

Tree Planting

Fence instalation 

Front Yard Upgrades

Back yard Upgrades

Blue prints for new homes and buildings both commecial and residental for Landscaping design

Also Drive Ways and  walk way design

The new Instalation of Water Fountains Both internal and external

We also provide knowlege for our Customers on lawn care and the abilty to keep a safe green lawn lawn

All of out products are enviromental friendly

Snow Removal --Residentail and Commercial 


SERVICE NAME  Front Yard Master Lay Out with Flower Selection

Front Yard Landscape Design — A sample shopping list


Plant List
A Dense Yew or Globe Cedar
B Ivory Silk Lilac or Pyramidal English Oak
C Dwarf Burning Bush or Variegated Weigela
D Prince of Wales Juniper or Calgary Carpet Juniper
E Hosta or Astilbe
F Goldmound Spirea or Hydrangea
G Blue Oat Grass or Dwarf Fountain Grass
H Daylily or Autumn Joy Sedum
I Primrose or Coral Bells
J Clematis or Climbing Hydrangea
K Bergenia or Candytuft
L Bearded Iris or Liatris
M Japanese Maple or Serviceberry Clump
N Hydrangea or Potentilla
O Iris or Statice
P Shasta Daisy or Black-eyed Susan
Q Coral Bells or Blue Campanula
R Globe Blue Spruce or Nest Spruce
S Dianthus or Creeping Phlox
Use seasonal flowers throughout for added colour.